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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Paul on Iran War Powers Resolution  CSPAN  February 13, 2020 1:23am-1:32am EST

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united states congress giving a specific authorization or to have a president exceed his i urge my colleagues to support the senate joint resolution 68. >> when the senate begins its debate with the war powershe act we are considering whether to do our duty to the constitution. the debate over war powers is bigger than any one senator or president or political party. the debate over war powers was a fundamental constitutional debate and that the founding fathers were clear the power to declare war lies in the legislature. the executive is a branch most prone to war with the power to
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declare war in the legislature yet increasingly have delegated the war powers back to the executive and abdicated our role as the body that should be decided with the people went to go to war. the president a may have the power to repel the attack congress has done little to stop bolds arguments that everything is in response to the imminent attack perk i will never forget president obama coming to speak to the republican caucus and said they were under imminent attack. we thought that was america that is how far we have come the president would say i can do what i want - - whatever i want against a foreign city. how ludicrous.
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but giving congress is in action it should come as no surprise lawyers argue everything is imminent and statutes don't limit their authority to do whatever they want presidents argue article two of the constitution gives the president power. article one is the president they argue article to let the president do whatever he wishes that there are no limits on presidential authority. that is absurd under president obama we drove hundreds of people in pakistan we bombed libya and putting military personnel in dozens of countries around the world to fight threats here and there but it has less to do with an
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11. it's hard to explain to someone what house anything to do with the attacks of 9/11 when they say whether you vote for the proclamation to do whatever i want, wherever i want. if we go to war the constitution says you must come to congress not for consultation but for permission. is not for or against the current president but for or against the constitution if you believe war requires the permission of congress, or you don't. why is this so necessary because we live in a topsy-turvy world where deowpresidents argue the war por is absolute. don't talk to me. i will do what i want. but the constitution envisioned it we do not ever
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want one person to decide when we went to war. now they argue a decade authorization of force against a autocrat is valid and applies to the iranian general nsit is insulting to the people and the constitution and should not be. you cannot argue it gives the president unlimited power so i'm also arguing in 2002 congress had to go to war with saddam hussein to kill the iranian general. presidents have argued bombing is not war what does it take quick sometimes there are not enough hostilities dropping bombs everywhere around the
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country. that the battles are action and not war we have been at war too long and too many places. i is time to bring our soldiers home. this week i joined the president for those who were killed in action for coy stop at the president at dover air force base and it was a somber memorial for our nation's heroes but people need to think about this. is not a chess game where we move troops here and there and are represented by symbols on a map or a board. it's people of our country. they deserve better. our soldiers deserve to know what they are fighting for our soldiers deserve to know if we are making progress and those
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that are not even born when the war began. and then to hell the hearing of the afghan papers that reveal the highest ranking officials in the military in the state department to know for many years the afghan war lacks a real national security rationale. my vote today simply isn't about iran or the killing of qassem soleimani today about constitutional requirement that congress must declare war this vote should be 100 / zero this is about acknowledging the constitution not one man or woman can take anyone to
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war to acknowledge the separation of powers assigned to congress the power to declare war but when push comes to shove many senators are afraid tore appear to oppose the president of their own party i support the constitutional mandate under democrat and republican presidents and i will continue for go for me this is not an esoteric or meaningless debate it is about life-and-death of more than any other embody that commitment that strikes at the heart of our duty to do everything possible to days vote is historic the majority of the house and senate is on record to affirm congresses power over issues at war at the height of the most
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unpopular war congressional majorities do not stand up to assert their prerogative. today we are doing that as a step forward. in the aftermath of the most partisan impeachment in our history that marks a high water mark for the separation of powers. it all would have been worthwhile when i see her troops returned to their families safe and sound and for me it's all worthwhile for the afghan war when we and the iraq war and the wars in yemen. in that day comes i look forward to standing arm in arm across the political divide to welcome our brave soldiers home and i will continue to fight for the truth and great
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nations don't fight perpetual wars. thank you. >> hi everybody. thank you for joining this bipartisan group working hard we are happy with the strong bipartisan support without a vote of congress the constitution of 1787 with that fundamental value for men and


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